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FlashFire initially released on 07/04/2015 and it was the FlashFire Beta v0.11. FlashFire still in the beta version. Chainfire mentioned it will take more time for a live release because FlashFire app still upgrading features step by step. FlashFire is used on various Samsung android devices from Android 4.2 and up. Its pleasure to say, most of the functionality works well and also Chainfire has done OTAs on Nexus devices. You can download FlashFire apk on this page.

FlashFire Change-log


08/04/2015 – v0.12 Beta
  • Auto backup renaming improved
  • TWRP restore ZIP added to backups
  • Force grow ramdisk
08/04/2015 – v0.13 Beta
  • Fixed issue with log not being saved to internal storage
  • Fixed issue with slow internal storage detection
  • Fixed issue with error detection delaying reboot
  • Fixed misaligned word-wrap
  • AROMA compatibility (only if framebuffer device available)
  • External storage and USB storage support
09/04/2015 – v0.14 Beta
  • Fixed some black screen issues
13/04/2015 – v0.15 Beta
  • Improved logging
  • Improved startup procedure
  • Fixed an issue where backup of some files were represented as an error
  • Fixed a number of compatibility issues with latest Exynos (SGS6)
  • Fixed USB drive support on stock Motorola
  • Lowered default compression level and threads to reduce backup time and CPU usage (not yet user configurable)
29/04/2015 – v0.16 Beta
  • Added various partitions
  • Experimental CM SU compatibility - not thoroughly tested
  • Out of space errors now logged during backup instead of just freezing
  • Added corrupt ZIP detection, in turn fixes several crashes caused by attempting to read corrupt ZIPs
  • Added LZ4 compression. Now configurable between None, GZIP, and LZ4.
  • Made threads used for GZIP configurable
  • Added kernel wakelock
  • Cache ZIP scans, speeds up file selection
  • Fixed several issues on 64-bit devices
  • SuperSU updated to v2.49 BETA
30/04/2015 – v0.17 Beta
  • Updated partition resolution (Motorola)
  • Sparse chunk support (Motorola) - Do Not Use Yet
  • Motorola ZIP package support (no MD5 checks)
  • Fixed LZ4 restore issue
  • Fix crash on navigating
  • Updated preview timeout
02/05/2015 – v0.18 Beta
  • Fix archive creation (for protected partitions) that broke on FlashFire v0.17
  • Split backup files into 1GB chunks
02/05/2015 – v0.19 Beta
  • MD5 routines now 30x faster (improves backup, restore, verification)
  • Changed faulty warnings
  • Updated BETA expiration (Sep 1)
02/06/2015 – v0.20 Beta
  • Fix FC on 64-bit
  • Disclaimer shown only once (and each update, data wipe)
  • Possible fix for backlight issue
17/06/2015 – v0.21 Beta
  • Fixed MD5 issue (showed up when creating a .tar.md5 package)
  • Possible fix for mid-operation reboot
09/09/2015 – v0.23 Beta
  • Motorola: sparsechunk format support
  • Motorola: MD5 listing/verification support
  • Motorola: firmware package support
  • Samsung: Fixed brightness slider disappearing from notification shade
10/09/2015 – FlashFire v0.24 Beta
  • Fixed about a dozen FC's caused by Google's new and "improved" compatibility library

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There is a Pro version on FlashFire. If you have installed Mobile Odin in your device, FlashFire Pro version is unlocked for you. Do not think about too much about Pro version at this moment because it does nothing different

FlashFire v0.20 download

FlashFire Pro v0.20 download

FlashFire v0.24 download


FlashFire Download Notes*


FlashFire opens with SuperSu and if there is any problem with installation of direct download FlashFire APK. Please follow below steps, you can download flashfire from the Play Store.


Credits for Developing FlashFire Apk

FlashFire app developed by Chainfire, so a special thank goes to Chaninfire For their great effort. This app was released few months ago and it’s still in the Beta version. Make sure to follow important notes before use FlashFire apk. However, FlashFire is user-friendly app. Stay with us we will update latest FlashFire apk in this page.